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Slotted 10" Rad Ebony Fretboard 24ft - Where?

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Looking for a Slotted 10" Radiused Ebony Fretboard 24ft 650mm, Quartersawn if available and a decent shipping to Europe.

Also Looking for 10" radius 24ft Quartersawn Maple 650mm (fender) boards.

Hosz Faszination in Germany offers slotted fret boards in all dimensions you want. Don't look for a bargain there, but it's quality for sure.

http://www.holz-faszination.de/home/node/7 The site is in German but when you send him a mail with your wishes in English, I'm sure he will reply. The mail address is carpenter@onlinehome.de

Good luck


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24 fret, 650mm scale.

Is Hosz Faszination the only one in europe?

Any competitors from US?

LMI makes those, West Africa Ebony, for a fair cost but their shipping to Europe is off the charts.

Stewmac ships 1-2 Ebony boards for $13-$15 via Postal Air, or $23 for DHL Express Air.

More suggestions welcome.

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