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Dust Collector Opinions


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I am looking at this dust collector for my shop.


Does anyone have any experiece with this dust collector? My real question is, should I believe the 914 CFM rating? I've even looked at it in the store, and it has that right on the dust collector itself, so it's not a misprint. But that is almost twice as much as other 1HP units. 914 CFM is plenty for my type of setup, but I just question the reliability.

I only run one tool at a time, since I can only stand in front of one at a time. I am planning on only hooking up one at a time, or else adding a few blast gates and using a tubing run through some wyes, but it will still be only one source feeding at a time. From the dust collector to the furthest tool won't be more than 20', when I work outside, closer to 10' inside. I know it is only a 12 gallon bag, but I plan on building a chip separator as well, so that should take care of most of the debris.

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This is pretty much the basis for most dust collectors, a blower. However if the bag is not a micron filter it will not be a good collector. Also because t is only a single collection bag you will be emptying it frequently. I would suggest looking for a vertical two bag (lower collection bag upper hepa filter bag) system. You will get better performance and longer runs between emptying the lower bag. Try Grizzly.com

If you use any kind of Planer or jointer this one will fill up faster than you planned. I have an older Delta 40 gallon cannister with a similar bag hanging off the blower most of the stuff goes in the bag (not the huge cannister) and has to be cleaned out after only a few uses. It is not a vertical system and has been long since discontinued. I also have a Cyclone collection system which runs through out the shop, I empty this only rarely and the filter is never clogged, but it is big bucks.

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That is kind of what I was afraid of. The appeal of this was that it is compact and can be mounted on the wall out of the way easily, and it is cheap. But as usual things that appear too good to be true usually are. I was think about stepping up to the two bag unit, but figured I would get opinions on this first and see if I could save a few bucks.

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