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Removing The Back From An Acoustic?

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If at all possible, try to see if it can be fixed without removing the back - if its just a loose brace, these are often easily reglued. You can even shape braces from inside the box - not easy, but easier than removing the back, regluing, rebinding and refinishing.

It depends on what the bracing issues are - you don't want to remove the engine just to change the spark plugs.

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well there are 2 of them I wanted to get inside.

one is a low grade acoustic that needs some TLC, and I was going to try a mad scientist project on it. Lots of wires. I think I could kick the back off it and make a new one. Not to concerned about it.

the one that is actually, well, was actually nice once, it has a bow right in the middle of the body. the deepest part of the sag is at the sound hole.

I took the strings off a while back and the sag has backed off some, but still pretty visual.

I really dont know if I would be able to get the work done through the sound hole. I saw a mini series on TV that they did some work like this to a martin I believe. Maybe I could...

Currently I dont feel anything inside loose or broken. I really dont know why it did this, or how old it is.

fret board is a mess as well. I will remove and make a new. But I am having throughts of converting to an 8 string nylon. this would be the perfect guitar for this since It needs this work done. I could build a wider fret board, reinfoce for this tension (need to do homework on this) and have to do something about making the neck a little wider to fit the fretboard.

recently I have a huge interest in mutli string guitars. I have been building a 10 string for a long time, but I am slow and overwhelmed. (plus I purchased about 15 project guitars that eat my time up)

After seeing an 11 string alto guitar, I was thinkinng about going in that direction. Probably too much of a project for a guy's first ground up build, but the whole multi string thing is what is motivating me to do it. Im sure if it was run of the mill guitar I would have left it behind long ago.

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