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Blood Inlay Ideas

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I'm thinking of doing something new on my coming build. Basically the idea is to do an inlay in my ebony fretboard, looking like runners of blood probably bunching up at frets as the 5th and 7th.

It might sound strange with such an outspoken idea, but I want this to be subtle and not stopsign red or anything.

An idea a friend of mine came up with is to inlay highly figured maple veneer, and staining it darkred. This because highly figured maple can look like a fluid. I like this idea, but I have some doubts as for example: Is there veneer figured enough to have the liquid effect in the long but skinny area of a blood runner. Another is what to use to fill up the space above the vineer, I heard epoxy based stuff goes yellow real quick.

Another idea I just came up with is using scrap tortoise pickguard material, but this might be a bit to brownish for blood.

All ideas and comments are welcome!


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Use Bloody Jasper recon stone. It's very dark red with black lines. Against ebony it almost disappears. That would be perfect for what you are discribing. Just on the rob on this piece I made.


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I think I'll go with the original plan of using maple vineer as an inlay, as wood always has a less cheesy more classy/natural feel.

One question regarding this though. What should I use to fill up the layer above the maple? I heard epoxy resins turn yellow quite quick. I'm not sure this would be a problem though as I'm staining the maple dark red. Thanks in advance...

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