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Guitar Design Project...please Vote

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I started a thread last summer about a guitar design project that I was doing with my drafting class. Well the results are in. Things didn't go as planned but here are the designs that they come up with. each student completed and presented several Power Point presentations during the year on tone woods, parts of a guitar, guitar manufacturers, etc. Then i asked them to come up with their own design. And here they are. Please vote on the one you like best. Also, be kind these are high school students and most didn't know what end was up on a guitar before they started. Thanks.

Please follow this link and vote for your favorite. I couldn't gt the scans uploaded, Photobucket is banned at the school.

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i like 6 maybe its the chuck taylor headstock (no i would change that) but honestly i like there drawing whom ever drew that did a nice job.


from a the view point of some one who has spent a few hours behind a computer drawing this is kinda what i think

1 and 2 they had a good start but got bored quick probably a fairly talented student just not intrested in the project

3 lol yeah i have drawn many flames (and got decent at it) its no that easy keep it up you will get it. "b spline curves for the win" but i think that they where more intrested in drawing flames than the guitar

4 hell of a start on the head stock and neck but agian got bored with the body.

5 i cant even tell what way is up. but it looks like they had fun i guess that counts for somthing isnt that what this is all about

6 ok here is a kid that either took the project serious or was intrested in it through the end. nice job its not easy setting up curves like that they laid out the pickup routing controls and even a floyd rose hell thats a lot of work getting all that right looks like a very playable guitar (well ok the heastock is cool but i dont' knwo about pratical) i just looks like there was some serious work put in this designing a fairly unique and pratical insterment and isnt that what its all about?

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