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I'm not sure of the specific specs of the guitar in question, but you can make the ratio of the thickness of body wood to top wood anything you like. Just figure out how extreme your carve is going to be and use that as a minimum thickness for the top.

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Well see... This is most new builders biggest mistake. You all want to make a guitar EXACTLY the same as a production guitar. This is pointless, and not really worth it. Think about it, why do people like customs? Because most production guitars are to general and basic, and have some design issues that could be easily changed, but would cost the company more money. so they keep them the way they are.

YOu need to just figure out what thickness guitar you like playing, then build your specs to that. It absolutely doesnt matter how thick the body is on the edge. And by asking that, You cant possibly get a real answer. There are hundreds of different carved top models, all with different thicknesses of tops, which changes the overall thickness. There really isnt a straight up answer for what you want to know.

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