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2hb, 1 Vol., 3-way, Series/parallel And Phase Mini Switches

IPA or death

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I'm trying to wire up a guitar with 2 HBs, a 3-way pup selector, and a single volume only (no tone pot) and adding two mini toggle switches to facilitate series/parallel and phase reversal switching. I used the diagram below from Seymour Duncan's site to wire up the toggles.

Seymour Duncan diagram

I ran the wires from the bridge pickup to the switches, thinking it wouldn't matter which pup was wired to them. Was this wrong? It looks right according to the diagram at least.

I have a wire going from the hot output lug on the phase switch running to the middle lug on the volume pot and then to the guitar's input tip. The ground from the guitar's input runs to the back of the volume pot and all other grounds meet here. The problem is, when the phase switch is down there is no response from the bridge pickup.

Any ideas what I may have done wrong? Thanks for any input.

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The problem appears to be the bare wire going to the S/P switch. This is wrong. It should go directly to ground or the phase switch ground (the arrow on the bottom lug).

The reason is that the phase switch reverses hot and ground and it looks like it is shorting out the guitar when switched...at least this looks to be the problem and seems to be a fault in SD wiring scheme over an error of yours.

hope that helps...pete

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