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Uknown Guitar

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hey guys i was wondering if anyone here knows what this guitar is:


I picked this up at a yard sale for $4. The man i baught it off of did not know the history on it or much about it as it was his sons. After examining it some more i determined that it has a plywood body and the neck, although fender in shape, has no logo or number on the back.

Another interesting thing about this guitar that realy caught my attention was the strangness of its pickups and bridge peices:


If anyone knows anything about this model of guitar please let me know.

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Well honestly I don't know how cool it is...in their day they were not good guitars...now they are just amusing for their campiness...

Anyone I knew with one just stuffed it in a closet and bought a better one.

..he found himself a corvair in decent shape. It doesnt run any races or pick up gals, but it does fall under the criteria of 'classic car'.

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It realy isnt that great of a guitar. The neck was severly miss-aligned. The high E string was off the frett board. Fixed that up though :D

all the electronics were not even wired up!. Currently putting it back together.

Im not so sure its the ET200 though. notice the strange curve near the bridge as well as were the strap button is. the ET200 is almost a completly diffrent body from this one. same bridge however. thanks for the imput everyone.

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yep, teisco

they made thenm in many different shapes and configs over the years

i recently sold a top twenty (uk name for some teiscos) and the buyer told me he brought it because he had one from new in 69 and used to play it with gary moore when they where teenagers... i told him that would have been good info for the ebay listing :D

same headstock as yours, and i have the same bridge somewhere too - but from a different cheapy teisco branded guitar

not massively valuable but worth more than $4

here is mine from the late 60's


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I'd love to get ahold of one of those old pawn-shop-beauties. Not many folks will claim a Tiesco was a top quality ax, but there's still something funky-retro--junk-cool about them, and there's something in the pups that I can never put my finger on that is just great.

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