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Locking Profile Gauge

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Hey is there such thing as a profile gauge where you can lock the pins in place once you have the profile?

I know it seems a bit pointless considering if you changed the profile by accident on the gauge you could just measure it again, but say if a customer lent you a neck he wanted you to copy for only a short period of time, a locking gauge would be quite handy.

I couldnt find any googling in the UK, are they out there?



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just sketch around the gauge and make yourself a template out of card when you have a few minutes - then file it away for future reference.

Their was a recent post on a neck gage. Using plaster in a plastic bag or auto body filler (called Bondo in the states) after wrapping the neck in plastic wrap. A bit thick as a gage but easy to do. I like Bondo as it can be trimmed down before it sets up.

Better if your neck leaves the building to have a mold on hand.

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was it the frank ford trick of making a plaster mold - closely follwed by the idea of using a modellers epoxy



yeah, thats far more accurate. so far i have just been using the profile gauge, a pencil and a piece of paper. then transfering that to something keepable. its more for the general idea of a shape rather than making specific copies - because copies never seem specific enough anyway

makes me think of the gibson video of making EC's 335 replicas. They scanned it, then made a plaster mold, then handed it to a guy making necks on the factory floor who finalised the carve and made sure it felt right! seems to me that gibson brought an expensive scanning machine when they should have given their custom shop 335 neck carver a raise instead.... oh, but the scanner is better when they come to market the 335 as being just like eric's :D

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