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(beginner) Tool Advice

Donut Man

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Hey guys,

I'm planning on doing a few more projects this summer and I reckon I need a few more pieces of kit.

I currently have:

10" bandsaw (Just got a new blade and it cuts bodies fine and should do necks too - not very good for tight curves though)

Benchtop drill press

Cheap 1200w router - Routing neck pockets and cavities.

Small Bosch 1/2hp router - I'll probably use this for binding and stuff

Small hand held belt sander - I've mainly used this for body side sanding and rough neck shaping


Spokeshave, Stanley block plane and no.4 Plane with honing guide

I'm thinking of doing the following:

Get some of those carpenters pliers and grinding them down into fret cutters

Making a hand held fret press (ala Setch/Woodenspoke)

True up my cheap no.4 Plane and sharpen the blades

Build a shooting board

Buy a larger plane for straightening up roughsawn wood

Buy a new rasp that actually cuts at a reasonable speed

(Buy a Japanese pullsaw for cutting scarf joints)

Any comments/suggestions?

I want to be able to build stuff mostly from roughsawn wood straight from the timberyard , ie. do jointing by hand. Is a shooting board necessary for this kind of stuff? It looks kind of useful for tops.

Also, anybody got any tips for buying planes? I've read everywhere that the old Stanley planed are good. What should I look for when buying a used plane? I mean, as long as it's not pitted and all the bits are there can it usually be restored?

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