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A Quick Poll...

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just a quick poll....

which method do u use? (and why?)

1 - route the FB to its final width (ie. 1 11/16" @ the nut, 2 1/16" @ the 12th fret)), then glue it to a rough neck, use a guide bearing to take the neck to the FB

2 - route the neck to the final width, glue it to a rough FB and then take the FB down to the neck

3 - route both to final width and try to glue them together as straight as possible

4 - leave FB & neck slightly oversized, glue them together, then sand your way to the final width

5 - none of the above (please explain)

thanks guys!

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# 3 and use pins. Look for a current build where this was just discussed.

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I size my fingerboard with a handplane (after rough sawing off the majority of the excess if I'm working with a wider board than I need.) then attach it to my neck blank. If I don't size the neck blank too closely at first, I can often just clamp a couple of small blocks to the neck help me locate the fingerboard during glue-up, and remove these blocks once the neck is clamped, but before the glue is set up, otherwise pins or something works. Rough saw the neck blank after the glue has dried, and plane it close but still proud of the fingerboard. The last little bit gets removed with scrapers during the process of shaping the neck.

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I make a template and use it to both taper neck and fretboard separately, then glue them together. I find it easier to bind the fretboard before gluing up so I have to at least the fretboard. However, I also find it easier to have both tapered, as you can apply two clamps horizontally to keep it perfectly aligned. Although, I shape my neck first, so I used a special clamp that works with shaped necks and fretboards, which makes it almost impossible to have any alignment issues. As with Woodenspoke, I also use some pins, but nothing as neat or efficient as what Woodenspoke does. J

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