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old accoustic customization

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i plan on buying a not-so-good accoustic guitar from my friend for 30-50 bucks.. for my first ever project, i want to customize it, and make it ALOT better... a few questions first...

1. do i have to do anything special to change it to steel strings from nylon other that just change the strings...

2. is putting pearl inlays in the same process as an electric guitar?

3. how would i go about installing a pick guaard

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You definitely don't wanna change a nylon string guitar to a steel string. Apart from the fact that you'd probably rip off the bridge when you tune up, I don't think it would sound too good even with a bridge replacement

so long


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well im making it a 12 string anyways, so i need a new bridge... what is the difference between an acoustic body made for nylon vs. one made for steel

String tension... steel string would be much more, and bracing would be much less. Be careful with a 12-string's tension too.

Hmm... your double-neck picture(s) sure takes up a lot of space on this page :D.

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ok im kinda confused.... baseically i have a slotted peghead nylon string acoustic, and what your saying is that it is IMPOSSIBLE ot change it to a 12 string steel electric? is there anything i can do interms of neck ajustment to change this? id even go as far as buying a new neck!

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Nylon stringed guitars don't have truss rods, they're all wood because nylon strings exert less string tension than steel strings. The gauges for a set of 12-strings guitar strings are less than for a 6-string set BUT there are 12 of them vs. 6. A nylon stringed guitar neck will eventually buckle under the 12-strings tension. Oh, another thing, the frets will wear our really fast with steel strings.

Hmm... you want to buy a new neck for it? It's a bolt-on nylon string? I guess you could steam off the fretboard then route a truss rod channel in, etc. But is all this work really worth it for a $30-50 guitar?

This is not even addressing the much weaker bracing in the nylon stringed guitar's top.

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Nylon string guitars use what is called fan bracing and steel string use a varuety of bracing styles,but usually x bracing.

Steel strings have (if I remember correctly) between 30-50% more tension on the top then nylon strings do.

If you are going to convert it I might suggest that you try (I believe they are made by Deam Markley) "Silk & Steel" strings. They have lower tension then steel core strings but may give you closer results to the sound your after.

Another worry is the neck width,Nylon strings tend to have slightly wider necks,so be careful when selecting a bridge.Also nylon string guitars have little or no neck radius so watch the replacement nut and saddle.

Be careful drilling the string holes in the bridge,if memory serves correct the brace spacing and stell string spacing may clash,so watch your bracing carefully.

I would also suggest putting in another brace,even with "Silk & Steel" strings there will be an increase in tension=more pull on the top.

The pick gaurd is the easy one,just ask about blank material and cut your own.

It's fairly inexpensive,comes with the adhesive on it and only requires a strong set of utility siccors to cut it.

Good luck and keep use posted.Some start to finish pics would be cool. :D

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