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Here Are My Other Favorite Baby's In A Very Cool Photo Shoot.

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Is that a private stock PRS?!

You could say that, but i did it my self. The PRS is a custom 24 artist model that comes with Brazilian fingerboard and headstock. What i did was i took off all the neck black paint and refinish it with velvet satin mahogany tint. i custom ordered the knobs, trossroad cover and back plates from Brazilian rosewood( knows and trossroad cover have a paua inlaid birds), flames maple matching pickup rings that have the same color as the natural maple binding and paua custom made switch tip.

The electronics i did my self too, you see that little switch, it makes me select 2 separate switching configurations, one is the traditional 5 ways prs and the 3 way switch like a les paul. It has a push/pull volume that turns the humbuckes in to singles and volume only affects the neck pickup, and the other knob is not a tone, is the 5 way switch.

That PRS is one of the most useful guitars for me, it can cover any ground of sound easily and plays like butter.


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ok, by details i specifically mean

* Who reliced the strat and tele?

* Did they start as fenders or something else?

* What are the specs? (i.e, what parts have been put onto them)

Ok, i did all the relic jobs on those guitars, been doing it for 2 years now but only to my stuff.

The tele is a Japan 1952 reissue that was shiny and new, now its a rocker. All original parts exep for the knobs, i just love chicken knobs and they look great in that tele.

The black strat is a 57 Daphne blue but my wife didn't like the color, so i painted black and relic all up. Custom shop 57 PU's, vintage 50's cloth wire and CTS Pots with 50's tone cap. The neck is from the 70's and it all faded and relic too.

The sunburst is a 69 that i put together from different parts, electronics are the same the black but with custom shop 69 PU's.

All play great and have 10's strings on.


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