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How Can I Make Templates?

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When you draw a guitar shape in autocad, you need to make it right dimensions, you need to know dimensions of your bridge, neck and stuff. If you didn't do that, you just scale it to make it right dimensions. W

When you want to print it 1:1, just select that option in print menu (that is if you have big printer that can accept A0 size paper. If not so, you can draw 4 rectangles across the body shape, so it fits in them four. When you print, select 1:1 option, and take ''window'' command, and then select first rectangle, print it, select second one and do all four.

Dimensions of rectangles should be 210*297mm (if your printer is normal, A4 size)

I hope I've helped someone, and sorry for my not so good English. :D

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i have now run into the problem of resizing it :S

How do i make it the right size? I was thinking of resizing it using the neck pocket as a guide but 1st i don't know how to resize it and second how many feet is 2.3/16" I'm new to the whole feet and inches thing

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http://www.javascriptkit.com/script/script...chconvert.shtml - inch, cm, feet converter, cool thing!

Your measure is this: 2 inch and 3/16 of inch, that is 2.1875 inch, that is 5.56 cm.

Now for resizing, in autocad you have a toolbar that starts with eraser, I think it's called ''modify''.

8th tool is pictured as 2 squares, one small one big. That is scale tool, and it is used to resize drawings. You need to know some basic dimensions, neck pocket would be ideal. You can enter how much is the final result bigger than original and such stuff, check it out, try and you will succeed. If you run onto a problem, just ask :D

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thanks for that. I have only been briefly taught on how to use autocad 2008 so i don't know much about 2000.

I have got that right, but now after changing it from english to metric they are so much smaller and i was wondering if anyone new what the metric was measured in. Say i type in 5. is that 5 m, cm or mm?

Them once i've got that sorted, how do i make them printable?

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Neck pocket is not the best to use for scaling, since there are different width neck pockets. Use a known unchangable dimension. A common one is from the 12th fret to the bridge saddle. You are not going to get a perfect replica, but close enough.

Like said before, use the scale command. If you can't find it, just type in SCALE. If your drawing is based on a picture follow the proccess below. If you are scaling metric to english or opposite follow the lower set.

From Picture:

Find known measurement points and measured, 12th fret to bridge or nut to bridge is the best. This will be either half your scale length or the scale length.

Divide the known measurement buy the numbe you got from measuring on your drawing.

Scale the drawing by the resulting amount.

inches to Millimeters:

scale by 25.4

Millimeters to inches:

scale by 0.3937

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It depends which standard you're using. If it's ISO-25 it should be cm. If its AS1100 (you're in Australia) it's mm.

Whatever you're using, just check it by going on paper space and select an A4 sheet, bring the drawing in view and select 1:1 scale once it's pulled up (or down) check if your drawing is the dimensions you want it. If it isn't use the scale function to make it bigger or smaller. Once done check again in paper space. If its good print it out, then move the body in a different corner of paper space to print out the next body corner. Print the 4 sheets of the 4 parts of the body, sticky tape them together, cut-out, glue on masonite or mdf and cut, file and sand until you've got your template.

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This is model space, you need to open it up on paper space. Paper space is the white pages you get when you click on the tabs at the lower left corner (layout1, Layout 2). Double click inside the viewport. At the bottom of the page you should have a box where you can choose the scaling, you obviously want 1:1 scale. The body will blow up or down to the correct scaling. Just drag it inside the viewport to show the first corner you want to print and print it. You might want to check out the options on the plot preview before ou print to make sure the scaling is all good.

Also, the oldest version of AutoCAD I ever used is 2004, you mention having 2000, so that might be slightly different.

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If he's built it to 1 to 1 scale in model space then he can scale to full size on paper space and print it out in 4 sections from 4 sheets.

You need to have the Viewport toolbar on your screen. To do that right-click on the light grey areas under or next to any of the icons. So right-click->ACAD->Viewports

The Viewport toolbar will appear on the screen. Double-click inside the paper space area then go to the Viewport toolbar and choose the scaling you want, you obviously want 1:1. The drawing will automatically blow up to full dimensions.

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