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Drum Sander Question

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Ok guys,

So I am in need of a drum sander. I am not going to buy one. My local woodcraft offers the service of theirs for 45$ an hour. My question is,

How long does it take to run a blank or a bookmatched top through it? If it is almost level already? I have heard it can take a really long time, but I'd like to hear it from you guys who actually have one.

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I have a Jet/Performax 16/32... Takes maybe, 15 - 20 seconds per pass. 4 passes will cover the entire surface of both sides.

Really depends on how many times you need to run it through, but time is definitely not excessive.

I'm assuming we're just talking about surfacing here, not removing a lot of material.

If you need to remove a significant amount, say 1/16", it'll take a few passes.

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Many places I've been that surfaces wood has a minimum charge - they aren't going to power it on, run your top through and charge you for 20 seconds of work. Your place may be different. But it may be worth gathering anything else you think you might need surfaced if you're going to be paying for a half hours worth of time whether or not you use it.

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