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In Search Of Korina (uk)

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I'm about to build my first guitar based on the mccarty korina however I'm not sure where I can get a good quality piece of korina from as there's nothing I can find locally. Can you recommend anywhere online that I could trust to get a quality piece from by mail order? I'm in the UK.

Also, does anyone happen to know the dimensions and body thickness of a prs guitar? I cant seem to find them anywhere strangely.

Thanks for any help,


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I believe the Korina McCarty is just a hair under 2" thick.

Rattle my cage if you strike out trying to find Korina over there in the EU. I can usually find both the white stuff (like the McCarty) and the black korina (like the one below) pretty easily.

Black korina and white korina are the same species - just one has black streaks and the other does not.


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try david dyke at http://www.luthierssupplies.co.uk/

He sells korina although its worth noting that his is Idigbo/Terminalia ivorensis

A lot of korina is Limba/Terminalia superba

They both sounds pretty similar to me - the main difference is appearance. Dont be fooled into thinking limba is better just because of its scientific 'superba' name - the people naming the tree probably were not luthiers :D

Limba comes in white or black, idigbo only comes in white. I think the idigbo has a coarser more interlocked grain compared with limba. it should suit a McKorina well

Idigbo is common in the Uk and usually well priced so have a look if you can find some locally

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