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Buildin A Geetar

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Hey whats goin on

Not to long ago i decided to build a guitar, not really sure why- just decided to do it, i basically just jumped into it because i figured it would be a sick way to learn more about guitars. Anyway, i ordered a swamp ash body with a quilted maple top-tobacco sunburst, goncalo alves with ebony fingerboard neck and Wilkinson tremolo with lsr nut and locking tuners. now i have to figure out what type of pickups to get and why, as well as how to wire everything together. the config is hum, strat, hum. I want a neck pickup that is good for rhythm, the middle pickup is open for suggestions, and obviously i want to get a high output bridge pickup for screaming guitar solos. Also i was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of a tutorial on wiring all that, its a standard 1 volume 2 pot tone and 5 way switch body

so does anyone have suggestions on what pickups to get?

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Best advice I can give you is go to the Seymour Duncan website and spend a lot of time there. Their forum is very helpfull as well. The SD site has wiring diagrams for a lot of different combos, and is specific to their color coding. If you use a Dimarzio the wiring colors are different. The SD site has descriptions of all of their pickups and tone charts and sound clips. You are the only one who will know what sound you like, so listen to the clips. I like the Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge, a lot of people hate it though. It's all personal preference.

Also check out their pickup wizard. Enter a few variable and it will tell you what might be a good choice.

If price is a factor you can read a little about the Duncan Designed, and what Seymour Duncans they compare to. The Duncan Designs are what some companies put in cheaper guitars, but the pickups sound pretty decent. You can only get them on eBay though.

Do the same thing on the Dimarzio site. I said SD first because I like their products better, but that is just my preference.

One thing you will find is that if you try using the search feature on this site and plugging around Google a little bit before posting a question you'll get better responses on here. With a little knowledge before asking questions, you can ask a more detailed question that will result in more usefull answers.

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