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Shielding A Semi-acoustic


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I'm starting to wire up the Dragon, but I have a major shielding question. Here's what the inside of the body looks like without the back on...


As you can see, there is no self-contained wiring cavity, just like a semi-acoustic. The question then is to what extent to I lay the shielding foil? Even were I to have covered the entire inside with foil, there would still be room for outside interference due to the f-holes, so it's really just a matter of how far inside the cavity opening do I go.

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Depending on your cavity cover size and such, you could also construct a "box" out of thin gauge metal, properly grounded (with the "lid" being the shielded cavity cover) attached to the inside of the chambering.

But I second Pete - carefully done shielded wire should be plenty fine. It's the approach I've used on most guitars I've built, and I've not had much of a problem with it. To make life easier, I usually wire a pigtail onto the shielding braid, and wrap that connection in heatshrink, so I don't have to worry about the braid shorting anything out, and it makes things a little easier to get the grounds wired than dealing with trying to get the conductor going one way and the sheild going another.

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The main problem is mains 50 or 60 hertz hum which has a huge wavelength, far greater than any gap you could have on a guitar. It is only when you are getting radiation in the Giga Hertz range (microwaves) will the wavelength be down to centimetres and will get through the "gaps".

But yes a good shielded wiring job is better anyway.


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