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Need advice

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Hey guys... Im new to the forum - my first post.

Being that Im pretty handy with wood I decided Id like to make an elec guitar... nothing too fancy - basic fender, Ibenez, LesPaul....whatever design.... I have not played in a long time and like to get back into it....

Anyway I am simply looking for good advice where to start... I have read a lot on various internet sites a;ready and wondering about :

Through neck or bolt on ?

Fret board wood ?

Fret board radius ?

Neck - solid piece of wood VS laminated

I have 2 mahaogany blanks 1" X 3" X 36" grain is beautiful (a little wavy) wood very seasoned.... thinkin about using one for neck, perhaps laminating a strip of maple down center ??

Thats basically it....... One more thing....... If I keep it simple.....How much can I expect to spend on hardware - remember - Im not trying to build anything fancy hardware wise.... just something thats decent and sounds good.

Thanks guys......

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Welcome to the forum eightwgt :D

Sounds like with those Mahogany blanks you have you could do either a neck through or a bolt on and have fun at the same time.

Just off the top of my head I would say a budget of around $200 for quality hardware and pickups if you make it a hard tail and don't go for the higher end stuff. A lot depends on where and how you get it, finding bargins and also doing the Ebay thing helps (just remember to read the feedback of the seller for safety).

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Welcome,hope you enjoy.What about something basic and straight ahead like an Esquire style.Not to say you aren't capable of more,but perhaps something basic as a first would give you room to play and learn without anything technical throwing you off.Good luck and keep us posted.

And loads o pics please :D

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Brian - For a beginner - am I better off with a bolt on neck ???

Im a little concerned about how wavy the grain is in the mahogony.... its real stout but wavy......I got it from a bow builder who had had it for years......

Im not too worried about the wood working part...... I have some pretty good tools including a CNC Router I designed and built (http://www.inshorepowerboats.com/cnc%20stuff/CNCROUTER.htm) You can see above it the cedaqr strip canoe I built.....

I am mainly concerned as are most with the neck and getting the frets right etc.....

Is it a bad idea to laminate a nek ? I was thinkin about ripping the Mahogany, and putting a strip of maple I have right down the middle.... BUT will that effect anything - is this good or bad ??

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The choice is really you to you, which neck you think you would prefer in the end. As far as laminating the wood, it would give it strength too so if your thinking about ripping it and placing a Maple strip down either the middle or side's your on the right track to a super strong neck.

For the fret board you may want to concider purchasing one already slotted since this is your first project, unless of course you plan on taking your time and would rather make one yourself. We can show you where to find tables for fret placement, thats no problem.

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