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How Do I fix Cracks


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You may want to work on your focussing if the pictures are going to be helpfull. In both pictures of the neck the background is very sharp... :D

Unless the neck crack goes all the way through the neck, I'd gently prise the crack open, until you can syringe some wood glue into the space. Get in as much glue as you can, then clamp the crack closed. Clean up the squeeze out with a damp cloth and leave for 24 hours before stringing up.

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If you have a Walgreens around you can get a free one, just ask the pharmacy for a childs one I think it's called.

I would definately go with the wood glue on the neck but I would switch to either epoxy or bondo for the body and maybe even open the crack up a bit by hitting it with a dremel tip so you have a larger channel to fill.

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