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Jackson neck/Fender body

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I've got a late '90 Jackson "Professional Series"(import) neck that's going on a '79 strat body.

The neck pocket isn't wide enough to accomadate the Jackson neck,& even when it will be widened,the fretboard lip is going to sit very close to the top of the body.I'm assuming a back-route will be needed(OFR) for more "up range".

2 questions,mainly...

1)About what would I be looking at($) for this routing work,&

2)Approx how deep should the trem route be,I usually like to have at least a whole step up,but a coupla' my guitars go up about 2 1/2 steps.

Thanx in advance!!!

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Hmm... you only have the body of that '79 strat? I found this link estimating it's value. Even if you don't have the original neck, etc. it seems a shame to route it. Have you considered either buying or building another body?

Well,I did get the body off of eBay($80ish),but...umm...another pause...

It's been refinned "Gloss Pepto Pink",routed for a bridge hb,& the Floyd studs are installed...

I'm just putting one together that I've wanted for a long while,but I had no money & there was no eBay back then...But at least I had some hair!!!

When I'm done,it'll be 2 hb with a black p/g & pink mounting rings!!!

Pretty "gaudy",eh?

Our singer's gonna HATE it,so I'm trying to keep this on the "DownLow",as the kiddies say!!!

I WISH it was original '79,I'd put my Blackmore(MIJ) neck on it!!!

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Have you gone over to see Chip and ask him about the work yet, he usually knows somebody that will give a fair price and do great work.


I talked to "the help" about 2 weeks ago about getting a Floyd nut shelf installed,he said the guy who does the work just kinda pops in every now & then,picking stuff up or dropping it off.I left my # & what work I needed done,haven't heard anything,but they usually are kinda busy during the holidays.

I talked to Buddy @ Don's,but he said just to bring it over & he'd take a look,but I still have to get a coupla' parts before it can be completely assembled.I think the replacement nut is gonna be the biggest PITA to get,I've found some tuners on eBay,& I'll probably get the p/g from Warmoth.I also may have to buy a 4-bolt neckplate,as well,but the guy I got the body from supplied the original 3-bolt style.

I've got a friend who can do the p/up & bridge routes,but I'd rather pay someone a little more for the "detail" work...

Happy Holidays,Brian!!!

Did you ever find out about the Sonic Blue Bobbin Toppers?

I need to order a few black & cremes,but I figured I'd find out what was up with the blue ones before ordering...

Thanx again,fellas!!!

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