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Isolator Plate??

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Hey all,

First I want to say thanks to everyone for being so helpful...I havent really been able to give alot of input because I am a beginner, but I really appreciate all your help.

I was looking through the Warmoth site in their hardware section, and I came across a "Neck Plate Pad". It can be found here Warmoth Hardware Page

"Classy isolator pad" -say what now???

Now is this a necessary piece of hardware, or if not, what would this thing be used for?


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The neck plate pad goes between the body and the metal neck plate. I don't think they are absolutely necessary, but the will protect the finish on the body. I wish I had used them on my last Stratocopy! I had indentations on the finish due to pressure of the screws used to tighten the neck to the body. Hope this helps. :D

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