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A Final Carriburst Thought...


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I've been thinnin' this over...

I can understand Brian's idea about the tutorial being the centerpiece of the competition, it's a great idea and I'm fine with it. It would be great for ProjectGuitar tutorial section.

But...I would also (if possible) like to see a separate final voting poll just on the guitars themselves, no prizes or whatever, I wasn't building it for any gain anyway, but it just seems odd to not have a slam-down vote on the guitars themselves, for better or worse, nothing to win...

Just stick 'em all up on a quick one-off 1-week limited issue vote poll and let the chips fall where they may.

I can see the tutorial and the guitars being separate issues, with the tutorial being primary, but I'd like a vote on the guitars too, if possible...

Just wanted to get the idea in before Jan.1, when all things Carriburst are set in stone.

And You?... :D

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

yeah, and I got some badass carriburst pics for samples. I will front the calendars. They'll come out in february. I will use posted pics of the giutars. If thats good and cool with all.

Also, should we start the new thread now, just to ease my impatience?

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