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Changed my shop layout

Lex Luthier

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I have re-arranged the layout of my shop in anticipation of some new machinery I will by for my birthday. Here's how it looked before:

Sander and drillpress on workbench.


Lathe and tool cabinet, which I actually didn't move at all.


Here is it so far:


I have moved my new floor model drillpress into the corner.


I have cut down the size of the workbench, moved the sander and vise, and put my tool box on it. I also sorted a bunch of the tools that were in the tool box onto the rack, and hung my sanders.


This space is where THIS and THIS will go.


Here is the floor plan I drew up.


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With the edge $ander...I am guessing that you weren't able to get the results you wanted with just a drum sander on your drill press, right?

Nice shop!

I tried that once, just didn't work very well. I've also tried flipping my bench top beltsander on it's side, that worked good, but was a bitch to setup that way. I also use body templates and a flush trim router bit to cut out most of the bodies which eliminates most of that sanding.

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My workbench takes up an entire wall of my garage.

Leftover Doors (Solid Oak blanks) from a remodeling project we did a couple of years worked as a perfect bench. We also removed a bunch of old cabinets and drawers from our kitchen, and everythign ended up in the garage.

The doors are about 2.5"x5'x8' a piece, and theres two of them. All laid out and bolted on top of these drawers, the thing is massive (about 45 square feet of workspace).

I'll try to get a picture up tomorrow with the digi camera.

-the M of MKG

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