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Would this be ply wood?

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Would it be plywood if I took a piece of a dark colored wood, and sandwiched it between 2 peices of basswood. This being the wood stacked atop eachother. FOR A BODY.

I dont think im gunna do this, it just crossed my mind.... wow I have alot of spare time. - Scott :D

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I THINK (and that's where the danger lies) that one of the foremost characteristics of Plywood is that there is ample glue between the wood layers and that Plywood is used because it is light and cheap compared to massive wood. So like BP stated above I would not call this plywood but laminated as well. Normally however, a laminated body consists of pieces that are joined at the sides, not stacked atop of each other, but a 3-piece body is a 3-piece body in my opinion.

so long


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