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Twisted Neck

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Depends how bad but trashing it shouldn't be an option. depending on the severity of the twist you could compensate for the twist by milling the frets. If the twist is more severe you can re-plane and re-radius the fretboard and if it's worse than that you'll have to remove the fingerboard and plane the twist out of the neck itself

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Hi BrentB6 welcome to the forum B)

Sorry your first post is about your beloved in need of repairs though :D

Is it an Original 58 or a reproduction?

Is this a bolt on or set neck?

Thanks for the responses guys.

1. It's an Epi repro 58, with set neck.

2. I believe the twist is severe enough that the fret option isn't one.

3. If I knew a trusted Luthier I wouldn't have had to ask the question.

Can any one recommend a luthier I could take it too?

Thanks again guys.

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Nothing specific happened to the guitar to make it twist. I noticed it starting to twist a litttle about a year ago. I live in Sault Ste. Marie Canada.(ya I know where is that). I have posted a picture of the twist on my website. Just go to the For Sale section and I will post a pic there. (I am not selling it I'll just post it there so you can see it. http://www.freewebs.com/voxboy/

Thanks Brent

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You can't tell hardly anything from that photo. Of course the nut looks lower on the High E side, the string is smaller and closer to the fret-board. And the Low E side might be thicker than it has to be (making the low E string pretty high off the frets) . I agree that the nut looks funny, but the headstock doesn't seem to show much twist. First few frets look quite odd, and do look to be slanted downward on the treble side. From how those frets look, I suspect some twist or dip in the fret-board.

Well, the main thing is, that more pics would be needed with much better lighting. What would be good is a pic from the far body end. looking at the neck. Also what would be good, is the guitar with the body clamped to a light colored table top, with the neck close to the table top. Headstock barely above table top. I'd like to see what that headstock is up to.

Your first few frets look problematic, but from that photo, I can't tell if would take normal refret board leveling to make the problem go away, or if the neck is a "lost cause". I wish I had before photos of my Bass neck. I doubt you got a twist as bad as that sucker, and I took the twist out of the fret-board (fret board got sanded down to almost nothing in some places). Headstock stayed twisted. Plays good, though.

Most necks develop some twisting and warping. A fret-job usually rectifies the problem ,and if done right (or better than right with a 'neck-jig') the guitar will play better than when it was new.

*** I edited this post. I had written that you could have someone heat-treat it to try to take out the twist, but I doubt that heat can cure a twist.


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