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Bridge without routing?

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What kind of bridges could I use that do NOT involve routing the guitar? (I don't have a router) I'm building a guitar for my bro, who's just starting out, so it's really simple: laminate with a strat neck, one pickup, and a volume knob. It looks cool so he won't care :D I'm going to do the rest of the routing hammer n chisel style or with a really big drill bit.

So anyway, my question is: what kind of bridge doesn't require routing of the guitar body itself? I'm looking for something similar to a "Vintage Tele" bridge but without the $80 pricetag :D

thanks in advance B)

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Wait... crap. 

"The strings go through the bridge to anchor in the back of the body."


Look again at the http://www.universaljems.com/cart/bridgent.htm link that krazyderek posted. Look for

Non-Tremolo, Top Loading Guitar Bridge, Chrome, 2-1/8" String Spacing SB 0190-010

It's top loading and it's less than half the price of the warmoth one you remarked about... $18.

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From Stew-Mac

Top-Loading Hardtail Bridge

The strings attach quickly and easily to slots in the bridge base (requires a routed channel in the guitar body) rather than feeding them through the guitar's body.

:D  we were so close!

That might be true of StewMac's hardtail bridge. But you should shoot Brian some e-mail and ask him about his bridge in question. I've used similar bridges which mounted FLAT on top of the guitar with NO channel routed so I know they exist.

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