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Before Starting A Guitar Template Business...

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Re: templates, a good layout template is clear, etched centerline, 1/4" thick is fine. Milled edges is just as clean as laser cut if done properly. I'll be making a bunch of templates for myself for layout purposes when the CNC gets up and running, and any form of template that's going to get used for actual routing will get copied from said template, and likely be made of phenolic (I got some 8mm trespa; over here, the equivalent of craigslist has tons of scraps for sale from various building sites that go for pretty cheap, and all are big enough for more than one jig, tool, whatever. Plus, waterproof, tough, not moisture sensitive. But a pain to machine and hell on anything non-carbide).

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I suppose this is as good a place as any to make my first post.

I would appreciate templates for flat-top, bolt on guitars that incorporated the neck pocket, pickup, and bridge routs as one piece, without necessarily incorporating the body outline.

You could make the bridge screw locations small holes for anchoring the template (in case you don't like/use/trust DST). Then when the routing is done, you've got pilot holes. This way, everything will line up with everything else.

It would involve some kind of option/customization in the order process, i.e 'Floyd Rose recess, H-X-S, strat pocket' or 'Gotoh Tele, H-X-X, Tele pocket.'

I realize that this may appear to some as lazy, but for people who are time-challenged, I think it would be useful.

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