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Two Part Question


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The P4 is a dual-coil humbucker, it is a passive pickup (like almost all Bartolinis) and it never came with EMG-style quick-connects.

The wires should be this:

bare wire = ground (duh)

black=N coil start

red=N coil finish

green=S coil start

white=S coil finish

The wiring codes can be found here; they are technically for guitar pups but should also apply to bass pups from the same company: Wiring color codes

If you want them to operate in normal humbucking mode, you want to attach the red & white leads together, and green & ground together. Then the black lead is your hot.

It doesn't appear as if your Ibanez preamp supports coil splitting - so I won't go there.

I don't have intimate knowledge of your preamp - is it original to the GSR bass? I'm suspecting not - if you have any info on where the preamp came from, it would help.

What is "sw" , do you have a switch on there as well as the "blend" knob?

The p4 are passive? I thought all barts were active :embaressed:

Alright! I knew if I let this sit long enough, someone would reply eventually! I have no clue about the preamp other than "it's from an Ibanez". I picked it up from an auction since I was in the market for one. The original wiring was removed and the guy who redid it wired all the pots backwards. I thought it sounded a lot like crap so I tore it all out and threw the preamp in. Only problem was that I couldnt find any info online for that model pickup. I did see that electronics site however. I wonder if the SW is supposed to go to a stereo pickup.

Forgive me. It's been so long since I tinkered with my basses and electronics, I'm afraid I cant remember much about wiring anymore :D

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