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Spokeshave Honing?


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you can't sharpen plane or spokeshave blades on a guide correctly anyhow

the only way to do it properly is by hand as a hundred generations of woodworkers have done before you

these honing guides sharpen a blade dead flat accros the leading edge - wrong

the main objective of a honing guide is to get the money from your pocket into the wood tools suppliers bank ac

there is plenty on the net to show how to do it properly

i laugh at you girly guides

Okay... I respectfully disagree.

Do you use the special mirco-abraisives with the film backing? I find they work a treat.

No just the regular wet/dry stuff. I’ll have to look in to that.

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I think I got them from here: Link

Once I am happy with my primary bevel (perhaps a belt sander or some other powered method would save a lot of time/effort here but I only really need to do it rarely), I just tune up the blades with a few passes on the 5, 1 and 0.1 micron papers in turn (increasing the angle slightly for each paper using my Veritas jig) and remembering to do the backs. Mirror shine and hair saving sharpness in about 1 minute.

I also use a drop of baby oil (apparently this is the same as mineral oil but it's cheaper and smells nice!).

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