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Pm Spam Vs Actual Pm Usage

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Just got that

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One thought is to shut the forum down for an hour or so, migrate the regular members to a different level of membership and reset the newbie's which have all the advantages of a regular member into a class that can't us the PM system...........then fire the forum back up and hope for the best.

I think that is the best option,Brian...it is probably also the biggest PITA for you to set in motion,but once it's done it solves the problem once and for all.

There is alot of PM camaraderie amongst the older members and I think it would be a shame to lose that.

That is what will happen and yes doing it right is going to be a PITA I'll announce the time later, still doing research on moving oh about 18,000 people and all of their post's to a different group without upsetting the set-up and software plus all the archived post's...................................................

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i have not had a single spam message. Ok, user name starts with a 'w'. also dont have a standard button

but anything that can be done will be great as i imagine its only a matter of time before i sign on at work and suddenly will not be able to access PG ever again ... ... during the day :D

i look forward to the migration as long as i can find my way home again ;

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