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Looking For Diagrams And Schemes (especially Run-through Necks)

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Ha! Thank you! This is exactly what I thougth about!!!!!


The back of the neck will be about the same level as the mating surface of the neck, so you will have a short bit of the neck that will be able to crack along the grain, as shown here.

I have also thought about this problem as well. How dangerous do you think this is? On that page there people who say that it's fine, but presonally doubt it a little bit. Does it have to be then an incredibly strong wood? Does it mean that if I use something as maple it will be just be split in two the second day I build it?

That point on the neck would, in my opinion, be in the range of very weak to fairly weak, depending on the type of wood used. A laminated neck may possibly stand the strain for a considerable time, but I certainly wouldn't chance it on a solid neck. The question is, would it stand up to being knocked or dropped? What would happen if the guitar fell off a stand, or something similar? Not something I would personally trust.

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thats not really a neck through.

Honestly I dont see the point to those designs. Its half way to a neck through and more work than a neck pocket..

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