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Electric guitar setup


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Hey all,

After using the guides on Project Guitar to setup the action of my guitar, I still have some buzz. Is it possible to get zero buzz or is some "normal"? I have .007 neck relief at 12th fret , 4/64 action at 12th fret and .005 clearance at the 1st fret while fretting in between the 2-3rd fret as per the instructions. I'm using .009's for strings if that matters. The buzz isn't bad but just enough to bother me.

Any idea's?



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I'd wait a few days... maybe even up to a week to see if it clears up. If at that point there is still buzz, roll back the truss rod a tiny bit (adding a little more relief,) wait a day, etc. until it goes away. If that doesn't work, post back here for more suggestions.

Hmm... no, the nut shouldn't affect fretted notes.

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