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ok, i dreamed this up last night, and haven't tried this but it sounds like it'll work.

Whatcha need:

a printer

clear packing tape

normal paper

whatcha do:

1) make a logo

2) print logo on sheet of paper

3) place some tape on top of that logo

4) place a second pice on top of that

5) reload same piece of paper exactly the same way as before in printer

6) print logo

the idea is to put the logo on a piece of tape, that way you just trim as close to the letters as possible, then place on your headstock and clear over.

the first piece of tape is so that when you take the piece of tape printed on off the sheet of paper you don't get little paper fuzzies.

i don't have any packing tape, so i can't try it right now, someone care to try this out and tell me if it works?


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That's a very clever approach!

The problem with most tapes is that their polymers and adhesives don't stand up very well over time. The glues turn to powder and the tape gets yellow and brittle. I think decals made with this method would probably look good at the beginning, but would stand a very good chance of slowly deteriorating over time under the clearcoat.

If you could find some sort of archival-quality clear tape, it would give you a longer lasting result. Packing tape is probably the worst.

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Firstly, the print has to bond with the tape, noit as easy as it sounds.

Secondly, the need to get the tape stuck onto the headstock minus any fingerprints or dust, also not easy

thirdly, you'll have a ridge that will require ten coats of lacquer to fill. Buff through it accidently and youve got a mess on your hands

Just use waterslide decal paper, its MUCH easier.

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