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A Crack And A Hole In My Sideboard

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I know I should try and fill cracks in the side of an acoustic by either bracing it or regluing it (correct me if I'm wrong there), but what would be the best way to go about patching a hole made by a small object? (I'm going to guess it was a rock or a screwdriver or something along those lines)

And I thought the use of wine corks made this sketchy but nonetheless cool: http://www.instructables.com/id/Multiple-G...Stand/?ALLSTEPS

First a picture would be easier or anyone who wants to respond.

IN general you can cut out a patch on the outside with tapered edges (tapers in) and glue in a new piece of wood. Or you can add a wood patch on the inside to cover the hole then you can replace the outside wood as that will be glued to the patch. If its a small hole and painted you could just make a tapered dowel to plus the hole

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