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I've done some router work before, like making cavities (not on guitars), but the bottom of the cavities are not flat. they are jagged and bumpy. how would I make it completely flat, say like the bottom of the neck bottom?

Ummm...do you still require an answer? Fill in the blanks! Unless you've already solved it, in which case spill the beans. :D

don't know, gotta try it now

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How about a picture of the router and bit and all the pieces that may have fallen off... :D

If you cannot rout a flat bottom something is seriously wrong. If it is your router then stop using it..You dont want pieces flying about. Somehow I envision some 1930's router that has never seen repair parts..

If you turn the router shaft by hand and it feels rough its a bad sign. If the router bit has chips along the edges its a bad sign. If its none of the above its even worse... :D since that would make the operator the problem..

provide some solid info we can work with..

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