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Smoke Smell In Electronics

John Abbett

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It's an Alesis quadraverb. About 30 years old I'd guess. Sounds pretty good. It's got reverb, delay, chorus, flange, phaser, leslie, and can mix 4 effects in a chain in any order. It's old tech, but it sounds really good and was very cheap. It's even got Midi.

But it stinks. I put it in a drawer, shut it up in there and I can still smell it in my practice room.


I have one myself, sounds indeed good. On the left side there is so much space available I couldn't resist building in a preamp. :D

If you remove the top lid (7 screws) you see an aluminium plate on the right side that serves as heat sink. That one gets really hot. If there is something like a sticker attached to it I can imagine that you're smelling something.

If you remove the heat sink (3 screws) you can check if the print board underneath is clean.



I picked it up really cheap, it has a nice sound to it and it's very easy to use. I'm still working on getting the delay to sound good though. I want a slapback delay and set it for 80-100 ms, but I'm getting a lot of reverb in with the delay. I just need to play with it some I think.


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The only way I am aware of removing smoke odors is with ozone.

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coffee grounds help absorb smell. I smoke and when I had to sell a car I left an open can of ground coffee in the car for about a week and it sucked up most of the smell (don't use the coffee after obviously lol). try putting the pedal in a gallon freezer bag then fill coffee filters with the round coffee and tie them at the top to make little pouches. put ad many as you can in the bag with te pedal and leave it for a while.

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I will say none of these ideas will really work.. Ozone will be the only product that will remove the smell forever. The same stuff they use to clean a smoked filled car for resale or remove smoke from a burned home and smoke damaged clothing. Some of these companies have facilities that you can bring your stuff to, Considering its one tiny box they will charge you little if they toss it in with a smoke removal job they are doing..

In your area


Coffee grounds I like that idea... :D

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of course you could disassemble the unit put it in a glass case with an ozone unit that you can purchase yourself and do the same thing. but it all depends on how much time and money you wish to put in it. of course it Tesla had succeeded we wouldn't' have to worry about smell because all that would be left is ozone but thats another story for another forum.

p.s. i am not knocking your idea if it sounds like it ozone is a wonderful idea.


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