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Strat Locking Nut

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I have a weird question

in my current project im using a strat style tremolo system with a floyd rose style nut

beside the fact that i am gonna have loosen the nut every time i need to tune are there any other problems

if so, is there a normal strat style nut that might fit in my floyde rose nut pocket?

Thanks in advance

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I know there were some pros way back (and I guess Brad Gillis still does it) that use the floyds with no fine tuners at the bridge, but it's always been a mystery to me how they could get away with that.

The stock Fender bridge itself is partly responsible for the tuning problems those units are known for, although not nearly as responsible as the nut and tuning gears. Some have said the string ball ends are able to twist around in the trem block and stuff like that, causing tuning problems. Not an issue on any Floyd bridge, fine-tuners or not.

I think some company made a weird looking non-locking nut that replaced a floyd nut. Search allparts and those places.

They can also usually be converted back to stock with a little woodworking.

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