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If I wanna lacquer up my neck, how many coats should I spray?

and if I wanna oil up my neck with some tung oil, should I apply it on the whole entire neck including the fretboard? or do I have mask the fretboard and apply something else later?


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Not to be rude, but you have been a member here since 2004, have about 300 posts, and are asking these questions?

Regardless, I imagine you'll find the answers to your questions with a quick search or checking out some of the tutorials. The bottom line is, there's no concrete answers, but you can find a lot of good recommendations by checking out those things. Finishing is often a matter of playing it by ear, especially when you haven't done a lot of it.

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I finished a neck about a year ago and used 3 or 4 coats of satin lacquer finish. It turned out very nicely and still looks and plays wonderfully.

thanks! I'm thinking of going satin too, gloss is too sticky for me. I've never finished a neck before (always used prefinished ones) so this should be interesting...

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