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Just put up pics of my new seafoam green strat

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Thanks! Big Red is a nice guitar, it actually sounds red! I know that sounds crazy, but everyone who hears it says it sounds red. :D

I just hope I get those 2 basses done sometime. I just got done gluing the templates on to some Abalone, tomorrow I'll cut out the inlays for the headstocks. Also, I might fret the one bass tomorrow.

Nothing like a little work on New Year's day!

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Kev's blues was recorded with a Ibanez 570 on position 4. I'd rewound the single coil for a more strat-like sound. When you put it on position 2, 3 or 4, you get s bluesier, stratier sound.

IMHO, I think that the 2, 3, and 4 position of a HSH should sound dead-on strat like, while 1 and 5 should give you the full humbucker sound. The Ibanez 550 and 570 are great guitars, but I just don't like those positions. I'm going to rewind my 550 single coil next.

Oh, and if anyone is interested, the mp3 was recorded straight into the computer with a PodXT, on the doubleverb amp setting, with a 2X12 cabinet, and a little room reverb.

The PodXT is great. But, that's just my opinion. I'm going to try recording some samples with Big Red next, just so people won't think I'm crazy about the guitar sounding red!

Thanks for all the nice comments! Whenever I'm feeling bad, I can always count on someone else's kind comments to keep me going for another day. Makes the fustrations a little easier to deal with, don't you know. :D

I think the next strat will be done in candy apple red. I'm going to try getting some of the bronze powder, and see what happens!

Oh, and Brian, I can't recommend the Robinson inlay videos enough. I watched them once through, then went and did the rose inlay. Inlay might be the hardest thing for me, because you have to concentrate so hard. Thanks for the compliment!

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