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Removing Lp Binding Nibs For Refret?


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I have an 80's era LP which has already been modded, so I'm not too interested in keeping it bone-stock.

I'm thinking of a DIY refret with the fret-edges over the binding. No nibs.

What tool is recommended for removing the nibs on the binding? Some kind of fine-grit flat-file? Dremel?

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Are you asking about trimming the binding nibs, or remving the tang from the fret so it can overlap the binding? If it's the former, just prep the board as normal, with a radius block and straight levelling block, and you'll remove the nibs automatically.

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Sand paper on a flat block

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Thanks guys - yes, I meant the plastic binding nibs. The blocks make sense.

Is this the scraper you meant? And would I use it first before the blocks?


(and thanks also for the heads-up on that less expensive fret tang tool too)

that's the type (you can find them cheaper than stewmac tho) and they're good for take fractions of a mm off binding.

On reflection I'd probs go with the blocks first and then if you really needed it you could use a scraper for final leveling.

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