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Replacing Peavey Super Ferrite Pickups


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Ok, I have deconstructed the guitar and I have run into a problem, the existing holes are 4" wide by 1.25" and it seems that most soapbars I have seen would run 3.5" by 1.5". I am OK with having to sand and repaint the body, but would really like to avoid doing routing work in the guitar. Jazz style pickups look to run only about 1" (1.1" with the screw areas) and that would leave a lot of open space around the pickup. What would my best options be? Is there a pickguard I could use to obscure the holes?

Any ideas would be helpful. THanks.

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You could draw a tracing of the pickguard with pickup routes and send it to WD for a custom pickguard. You could also go the easier route and just install an onboard preamp/EQ from EMG, Bartolini, or Seymour Duncan. The stock Super Ferrites aren't bad sounding pickups and would probably benefit greatly from onboard electronics. Put some effort into shielding the body and the noise will go down too.

Another option would be to build your own pickups or see if Duncan would build some for you. You could also use the EMG 40 case pickups. You would only have to widen the routes by 1/8 inch on either side for those.

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