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Screwed The Pooch

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so i was sanding the sealer on on eof my basses yesterday ,and thought for fun id stick the pickups in to see what the final look was gonna be etc. and they didnt fit! :D

the corners were too big of a radius and clipping the corners of the pickup;

i'm assuming since i checked the other 2 (same story i suck) that i didnt go back over my routes with my 3/8s bit and get that needed tightness;

im oposed to trying to set my templates up again because ive tried it before and it never lines right up and looks really bad; the only other ting i was going to do is mask off the corner in a 90 and file a new corner; but this would be my 'no better way to handle it' approach, so if anyone has past expeirience plz chime in; im not against chisels and freehand routing with a dremel or even a router for the bulk; but still think i would have to clean it up with a basturd anyway!


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If you just clean up the top 1/8 o 1/4" of each corner just right, you can take your 3/8" bit to clean up the rest of the depth. That would make the using files or whatever a little less of a pain.

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Used to do that all the time, Bad habit i got into a few years back. Just use a realy sharp chisel to take away the excess in the corners, 5 mins for each pup cavity & your done. Just make sure it a REALY sharp chisel.

Yep, this is the easiest way. Only the very top of the chiseling needs to look good because the pickups will hide the rest of it.

Don't overthink it. :D You just need to remove some wood.

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i grabbed my round file (1/2")and tightened up the radius of the corner by aiming for the curve directed towards the bridge and neck sides as opose to the side sides (???) basically looks more like a 90 without rmoving wood from the side edges of the route.............it made sence while i was writing....crap took me longer to write that do........ :D

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