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Cherry For Body, Zebrano For Neck ?

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Hello people.

I just bought a couple of pieces of curly cherry that would make a nice blank for a solidbody back.

I wanted to know what can I expect tonally from this wood. I have had some experience with mahoganies and Korina, how will cherry compare to that in terms of tone and workability ??

I also got a perfectly quartered blank of zebrano that would make a good one-piece neck. Is this any good for this use ?? Any experiences to share about zebrano as a neck ?? Tone/workability ??

So far I have finished one-piece necks in mahogany, maple, rosewood and korina. How do you think zebrano would compare ??

(Mind you, I don't necessarily intend to used them in the same build)

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Cherry is a great wood. It works well, sands well and is very stable. I am as anti TONE VOODOO as it gets, so i want say anything about tone. But it is very maple like in all ways.


Ive used it for a neck. It is ok to work with. It can splinter a lot. It is a bit heavy for a neck wood, so make sure you match it with a decently balanced/weighted body.

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