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Can Anyone Id This Guitar?

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Hey folks. I've got this ratty old guitar that was given to me several years ago by my friends brother (who found it in a dumpster). There's a spot of gunk on the headstock that appears to be the remains of an embossed metal (aluminum?) sticker, which I assume had some sort of brand label on it. Based on the overall quality I assume that it's a department store brand, or similar. Some other details: Plastic nut, wood bridge, 3-bolt bolt-on neck, flat fret board (no radius).

Anyone care to take a guess at this? Just trying to satisfy my curiosity...






Thanks in advance!

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Hmm... You're right Crusader. There is indeed a slight radius. My mistake. I swore I checked that out while I was cleaning it up. But that was quite a while ago.

It could well be a home job. But I'd really have to wonder why someone would go to all that work, and then put a plastic nut and crappy pickups in it. That just strikes me as retail cost-cutting somehow.

Anyway... It's pretty much a wall decoration. The nut, frets, bridge, and tail piece are shot - and it's really not worth the money or effort to do all that work to it just to make it playable. I had an idea that I might use it as a guinea pig to learn how to do fret work someday. But haven't been too ambitious about that. I do like the pick guard though!

Oh - Why was it taken out of the trash? My friends brother worked for a trash collection service at the time. Apparently garbage men still believe that one man's trash can be another man's treasure. He thought I'd appreciate the gift. It's the thought that counts - right?

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also, dont chuck it. if you dont want it put it on ebay as a project. Loads of people will be after something like this, doesnt make it valuable but you may get more than you expect. You may actually get more money by parting it out, have a look on ebay at what teisco's, kay's and silvertone's go for and what the parts go for too. I once had somebody pay £50 just for a body and scratchplate of a much cheaper looking teisco than this

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