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Active Electronic Knobs?


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With actives, you actually should go with 25k pots. Yes, you CAN use 500k pots, but you are probably going to saturate everything else in your signal chain, including your amp. The actives have a preamp in them, so the signal level coming out is much higher. A 25k value pot allows more signal to be bled off to ground at max volume, resulting in a lower max volume than, say, a 500k pot. However, in addition to the volume increase, there is typically a huge treble increase, which means a 500k pot on an active pickup will probably sound like the loudest icepick in your ears you have ever experienced.

Short and long, stick with a 25k pot for the right volume and tonal output from your pickups (that's how they're designed).

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just roll off the tone a little i would rather eq out a little treble at my amp anyway.

Ansil is the one that recomended it to me he.

btw if you use a pre built harness you will still have to change the output jack and add the wires for the battery. personaly i would just start frome scratch.

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actually emg's even with a 1 meg don't sound anything like an icepick 500k and 1 meg is the only thing i use on them as it sounds like they are alive instead of cold and dead like the 25k pot. but then again thats just my ears and i am still able to hear up to 19k even after playing through poweramps. but as long as the customer likes it then thats the way to go


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