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Which Inlays?


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As you may know i'm getting ready to make a new fretboard next month for my guitar,

now the question that is annoying me for a while is:

What inlays should i put in there?

I first thought about a "tree of life" but after finding out that i'm really scared of my new dremel,

i thought something simpler would be a good idea,

but i don't really want your normal dot's traps squares or diamonds,

so i thought i ask here.

What should i put on there? Any ideas?

Picture of the guitar:


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Never heard of andy depaule, but haven't i seen something like those potted plants on the martin #1.000.000?

Very sweet stuff, but even the sale items are over my budget for now, but i think i will go for a "weymann #1",

i loved the gold mop idea, but sadly they are sold out.


I hope they will fit the guitar even though the binding and rosette are pretty simple,

but the bridge got something like that going anyway.

First i fell in love with those in white and gold mop:


But i guess the female inhabitants of my house would rip my head of if i would spend that on inlays. :'(

I guess it will be better invested in a little donation for the site in one of the next months anyway. :3

You guys really helped me so far.

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Sorry for the double post,

but i feel like mentioning that i would highly recommend that shop!

That guy is a real charm to deal with, great guy.

Thanks again for recommending.

If the inlay will be as purdy as their service is good it will look awesome!

Awesome --> http://www.luthiersupply.com/ <--- Buy something! :D

I've ordered the white weymann #1 set today.


I think i will use ebony since the black / white contrast should fit the binding and the rosette very well. :D

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Fantastic. I think that's a great choice for the instrument. Gold MOP?

I would suggest perhaps a couple of weeks of laying back on the instrument to avoid the possibility of gungho-ness. Perhaps some more pics of the body? The first pic makes it look pretty beat up....making the restoration stay in keeping might be an idea, as it's way too easy to make new additions look new! Either way - this will be nice.

Give our regards to the female inhabitants, and let her know that all will be fine. My wife appreciates instruments and the finer touches added to them, so in that respect I am lucky. After all - the love of musical instruments tends to be inherent to our individual personalities and that should be respected as such. :D

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I'm always happy when someone shows interest. :D

I maybe will take some new pictures after i got some sleep,

but it looks even worst now since i've tried to get the finish off by sanding and i failed badly,

so it is really horrible to look at for a guitar lover.

I will not put gold mop in, gold was sold out in the sale and i don't have the money for the regular ones,

so white mop it is, and i don't have to worry about sanding it down to much. :D

To do list:

-Remove bridge and making a new one (that's new to the projet)

-Everything involved in making a new fretboard

-Refinishing incl, getting off the old finish

-Making a nut and a saddle

-Taking care of various cracks, should be around 5,

this is the part that's really giving me a headache right now, since at least 2 are REALLY bad.

-Some more smaller things.

It became more of a rebuild project, and it's a bit depressing,

since i'm more or less building a shop, and buying tools as i go,

so progress is really slow, sometimes i buy something that doesn't fit the job,

but i also don't want to annoy you with tons of small tool question topics.

Loads of pain is in this project, but i want to do it justice.

It will look pretty shiny, and from the front you maybe will not be able to see that it's old,

but it will be good improvements, the bridge currently is a black painted mystery-wood, it will be ebony,

the fretboard will also most likely be ebony, the saddle was a piece of brass fretwire, it will be tusq or bone,

the nut was what i think is mahogany, this will also be tusq or bone.

It may look a whole lot newer, but i'm not trying to make a new guitar, it will never loose it's history,

but it will be a massive improvement, and i hope the maker and first owner would like it.

Some old pictures (sorry - bit gloomy):

The worst crack, (back) it's quite big and one side of the crack dropped into the body,

i try to make it bend back a bit with magnets so i can repair it, but i guess this one will stay...



I impaled my hand on this crack, should be a easy fix though, and more of a cosmetic thing.


Bridge with the original fret-wire saddle:


Rosette and binding:


I hope you found this interesting, sorry if it was a bit much.

Maybe i should make one topic for it to ask all the questions. xD

Tell me if i get annoying. B)

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