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Cheap Spray Booth


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Suffering a serious lack of space in my workshop (a 12 foot caravan in the garden), and desperately needing somewhere to do paint spraying, I have just bought a collapsible greenhouse from Aldi in the UK. Only £30 http://www.aldi.co.uk/uk/html/offers/special_buys3_13815.htm

6 feet 3 inches length, 6 feet 3 inches high, and 4 feet 1 inch wide. Takes just a few minutes to erect or dismantle, and works great as a small spray booth. I just need some warmer weather now so I can actually do some spraying :D

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Nice find!!

I saw a giant clothes hanger thing in Ikea once that I considered using but it needed to be hung on something...I might pick one of those up when I find an aldi

Is it really that quick and easy to dismantle??

I can put mine up in about five minutes, and take it down just as fast. The tubes are steel, and everything connects together by simply pushing plastic connectors on the tubes to join them all together :D After assembling it the first time, I used a small artist paint brush and some white paint to paint numbers on the end of the tubes and on the plastic connectors. Each of these three tubes _l_ would have the number "1" on them, followed by either a "V" or an "H" (for vertical and horizontal), and the "T" shaped plastic connector would just be marked with a "1". The next joint would have all the parts marked "2" and so on, so the next time you erect it, it's dead easy because you don't need to look at the instructions. Easier to do than to explain :D

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I just need some warmer weather now so I can actually do some spraying :D

What are you spraying that needs to be warmer than it is now ?

The air temp round here is averaging about 10c and I'd like it to be 15c before I start spraying. According to the Met Office website, it should be between 14 and 16c today, but my two outside thermometers haven't shown above 11c on any day over the last week :D

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Nice idea! We have Aldis in the states, too, just don't know if they sell these, here. Will have to keep an eye out, though. Was looking for something like this. Dunno why I never thought about this, in particular, though....

Quick update: Found the same one on Amazon:


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