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What Configuration Is This?


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I was super impressed by the addition of Chris Broderick to the Megadeth lineup a couple of years ago, as he is one of the most proficient guitarists out there. He started using a couple of custom made Ibanez RGA 7 with ZR trems, one of which has this gorgeous transparent white finish.


What do you suppose his control and electronics configuration is, based on the fact that he has 2 DiMarzio Deactivator (passive) humbuckers connected to a single pot, what appears to be a 3 way toggle switch and a mini toggle? Ive searched around but the info isnt out there. The video makes it apparent that one of the toggle switches is a kill switch but I could be wrong. The single pot could very well be a push/pull, but I dont know one way or the other. How would you configure it using these components for maximum diversity and control?

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It looks to me like it's a guitar that has only a volume control and a 3-way pickup switch. No tone control. It might have a push-pull volume pot for coil tapping.

About all you could do to that to make it any more versatile is to add a tone control.

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