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What Are These From?

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Look like 1 of the pickups that came in a Gibson maurader

thats the one, i originally thought S1 pickups which have plexi tops and a bar polepiece so looked for those - forgot about the marauder

Those are bridge pickups from a Gibson maurader checked mine today

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KICK A$$!!!!! I landed some 70's Gibson pickups for $15.25 shipped.

God bless eBay!!!

Drak: I was planning on trying my hand at a full-blown acoustic archtop this summer. I was originally thinking to put two of the Teisco pups I have in it. Maybe these would be a better fit and save the Teiscos for a semi-acoustic.

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I've been planning a ~modified~ acoustic archtop for awhile based on an 'I can't tell you' guitar.

...maybe we should have a summer competition 'AA' throwdown... :D

...I love me some Throwdowns... :D

Anyway, those pkps look verrrry nice, great score if you can surround them with the right guit. B)

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still something odd about yours john. you seem to have one that designed to be angled and one thats designed to be straight. I know the marauder had one angled single paired with a humbucker - but i am wondering if gibson actually did a model with two of these pickups in. it would explain the pair you have.

Obviously they could have been ripped from two seperate marauders and be natural manufacturing variance but my guess would be that these came from the same guitar

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